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The challenge to overcome procrastination. That scary word…that thing that keeps us from being productive…from being our best from finding out potential. Maybe there are a few tools we can use to help us battle the challenge of taking that first step, and continuing to march towards our desired destination.

Time can be your friend or your enemy. So, let’s try to remember this: small actions taken over time, consistently, can lead to big results. It is not about how much time we have, but how we choose to consistently use our time. By taking small and manageable steps and making use of the time we have every day, we can overcome the procrastination habit.

Our biggest enemies?

  • Perfectionism: Embrace imperfection and focus on the process and the progress, not perfection. What this means is that people who are striving for perfection are actually their own worst enemy. They are so busy trying to make everything perfect…looking for the best…that they don't notice when progress might make a bigger difference than perfection. The desire for perfection often prevents excellent work. Striving for progress rather than perfection allows you the space to try, and…more importantly…to learn and grow.

  • Time: Wasting this valuable asset. Time can be your greatest strength, but we often times choose to be less productive than possible. Thieves of time can include: scrolling social media, the television remote-control button, and couch potato syndrome. Use time to you advantage and do now what needs to be done now…putting things off until later is another way of saying “It may never get done”, or “ I won’t give it my best effort.”

  • Fear often holds us back from taking action. Acknowledge your fears, but do not allow them to control you. Take daily steps and build confidence and momentum…soon…your fears will diminish. Once you decide fear isn’t an option, you are left with only the choice to change…to shift your way of thinking, or to take action. Think about it this way: What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Find the time to do what is needed. Our priorities align with where we spend our time. So maybe the RBQ’s (really big questions) are “Where are you spending your time?” and “What are you spending your time doing?” Are the things that you are doing in your life allowing you to accomplish the things you desire in your life? Small pockets of time can be incredibly productive if used properly. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to arrive…Start where you are, with what you have, and take action. Action is your most important tool. Take the steps necessary to create that positive momentum towards your success. Success is not just about working harder and longer than others…it is about working smarter with your time. Break tasks into small, manageable chunks and focus on the most important matters first. You just might find yourself accomplishing more…getting more done…in less time.

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