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it is only a week

One week. That is what we have.  That is what we all have.  It is just 168 hours to do the things that need to be done in order for us to become our potential. Maybe we do have more time than we think…if we invest the right way.


Most of us, me included, waste a lot of time. We spend our time on things that are not important to us.  We need to reclaim that time by being intentional with how we use it. Decide what is important and then direct our focus and efforts on that.


What are the time wasters? They are different for us all.   Maybe it is scrolling, social media, television, a lazy day on the couch, the procrastination stuff, etc. Please understand…it is OK to take breaks…to step away from getting “the list” done. We all need to recharge at times.  Be aware to monitor this so that the breaks do not use too much of your 168 hours.


Two very important things to understand: We need to set priorities. Define what is most important for you to do, plan your time, and take action…get it done. Remember that the journey won’t always be smooth as things won’t always go according to plan. Be flexible, and be willing to adjust your plans as needed. Second, remember to be patient and celebrate your success. Changing routines and habits takes time.  When you find yourself being successful, give yourself that personal “high five” for encouragement and affirmation.


Finally, find a productivity system that works for you. I am a list maker...I love crossing "things" off of my list. Find a system that you like and work to maintain a high level of consistency. Be willing to do what others won’t do so that you can achieve what others can’t. Transformation happens when we do consistently what others will only do occasionally. Here is your plan of action

·     Start Small: small things done consistently are better than big things done occasionally

·     Don’t Give Up: Change will happen over time…not right away…keep working

·     Plan for Failure: being consistent is not the same as being perfect.

·     Fall in Love with the Process: the journey of consistent improvement is the true win…this is where we develop the correct habits that will stick with us every week.


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