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Knowing, Doing, And Getting Stuff Done

It is time to get stuff done. No more “going to do”  or “will get to that later”.  It is time to start…to take the steps necessary to turn our dreams into reality and to turn our thoughts into action. Without action, there are no results…it is time to get stuff done.


Take the first step.  This is the step that is usually the most difficult to take. But, if we are going to create momentum and positive direction towards our goals, we must take that first step.  The best part of that first step is that it opens up the opportunity to take the second step towards our destination. Get moving…one step at a time. Small actions taken over time can lead to big results. It is not about how much time we have, but how we consistently use our time by taking daily positive steps. Put one foot in front of the other…daily.


Challenges and detours will appear on our journey.  Procrastination is a big one…it is a habit that we have all mastered…and it must be overcome in order to achieve results. By taking small, manageable steps, and making daily progress, we can overcome the tendency to procrastinate and tap into our potential. The second challenge to overcome is perfectionism…this is the enemy of productivity. Embrace imperfection, and focus on progress…if we wait until the product is perfect…we will never arrive at our destination. Our progress will bog down and momentum will be lost. Fear is challenge number three. It is often what holds us back from taking action. We must acknowledge our fears, but not allow them to control us.  Taking small steps and building that positive success momentum, building confidence, and soon, many of those fears will become smaller.


We do have a few amazing, and free, tools in our toolbelt that can allow us to get stuff done. Time is our most valuable resource. We need to use it to our advantage and not waste time by putting off what needs to be done.  The time to start is now. Use the APE Method to attack the day: Attitude, Preparation, Effort.  These three tools can help us conquer the time management challenge. Small pockets of time can be very productive when used wisely. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions (they will never arrive) or a large block of “free time”. Start where you are, with what you have, and take action.  Success is not about working harder, but about working smarter.  By breaking tasks into small, manageable chunks and focusing on what matters most, we can achieve more every day. It is time to Get Stuff Done.

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